Who We Are

Gearing up for the future

At Nicomedia IP Legal Associates, we consider ourselves , Lawyers for Pioneers®, as we work with pioneers, the thinkers and risk-takers to help them achieve their visions by safeguarding their intangible creative ideas and brand assets that would optimize their future business potential ; without any stress of infringements .

We are a full-service legal firm with over 14 years of experience in business-legal  consulting and an accomplished panel of legal advisors , strategy consultants and  advocates . With over 10 global firm partners in Europe, Asia and the Middle East , Nicomedia IP Legal Associates is committed to assist your business launch, glide and grow

Following the mantra of , Value over Volume,  we particularly aim to  serve  national and international business clients and pioneering individuals, who seek boutique legal services to safeguard their brand-related intellectual property rights, and other creative endeavours in a fast-moving technological, media and digital environment.

With our online and in-person services,  we prioritise quality and have a binding belief in creating greater value for our clients treading the path of intangible assets, so they can set off their new product, new designs or new  corporate journey , hassle-free and backed up by the potential of sustainable revenue streams from the idea market. 

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